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Caring for the poor and building a warm community
Release date: June 24, 2020

Recently, under the leadership of Shi Zhenlun, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and chairman of the trade union, members of the fifth Party branch of the company came to Jiulian new village community, the company's co construction unit, to carry out the activity of "sending warmth in action". Bags of rice, barrels of cooking oil and warm greetings have brought great warmth to the poor families, the elderly living alone and the poor families in the community.

First of all, the party members reviewed the co construction activities carried out by both sides since 2011 with Secretary Shen Tu of Jiulian new village community. Deputy Secretary Shi Zhenlun said that as a state-owned enterprise, products and chemical industry, as a state-owned enterprise, not only creates economic benefits, but also pays more attention to social benefits and has the courage to take the initiative to take social responsibilities. On behalf of the community, Secretary Shen Tu expressed his sincere thanks to the company for supporting the community branch work for many years, and expressed his appreciation and admiration for the company's helping families.

Later, deputy secretary Shi Zhenlun led the party members of the five party branches to visit Hu Shanji, Yu Guoxing and other elderly people living alone and families with difficulties to learn about their living conditions and physical conditions, and delivered consolation articles. In the face of the continuous care of the products and chemical industry for many years, the aided residents repeatedly expressed their thanks.

The fifth Party branch of the products and chemical industry continued to carry out the activity of "sending warmth in action", which sent warmth to the poor groups in winter, advocated the good fashion of helping the poor to the society, and implemented the idea of "targeted poverty alleviation" with practical actions.