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Deepening the implementation of the new model of Zhejiang Jilin counterpart cooperation, promoting the in-depth development of the "rain dew plan" to achieve actual results
Date of issue: September, 2018

In order to further promote the implementation of the guiding spirit of the "rain dew plan" issued by the leaders of Zhejiang and Jilin provinces and promote counterpart cooperation, the Ministry of products, chemical industry and grain chemical industry recently organized a large-scale corn planting mode investigation in Songyuan City, Jilin Province, and held a training course in Taonan city to serve "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" with the theme of "insurance + futures + corn supply chain".

In Songyuan City, Gu Wei, manager of the grain and chemical department, led the team to investigate and study in Songyuan Tianze agricultural company. He had an in-depth exchange with Lin Song, general manager of the company, on all aspects of land transfer and corn planting, and visited the company's planting test fields covering more than 1000 maize varieties and local high-yield corn varieties, learning from the experience of high-yield cultivation of corn.

      Under the guidance of Taonan Agricultural Bureau and anding town government, the food and Chemical Department of the company cooperated with partners such as Taibao property insurance Zhejiang branch, Zheshang futures, Beijing Jiage Tiandi science and Technology Co., Ltd. to implement the new model of "rain dew plan" benefit agriculture and lay the foundation for further expansion of cooperation Chain + insurance + futures "as the theme of" three rural "training courses.

Pang Chong, assistant manager of grain and chemical department, introduced the development strategy of deep ploughing chemical supply chain and the development planning of grain chemical supply chain in the training course, focusing on the business model and operation process of corn supply chain. Taibao property insurance and other partners introduced and popularized the overall situation, insurance service, futures option hedging and satellite remote sensing technology application of Taonan corn planting supply chain income insurance pilot project.

The warm atmosphere and frequent interaction at the training site not only deepened the cooperative customers' understanding of corn supply chain, insurance and futures, but also enhanced the understanding of agricultural production risk identification and prevention. Moreover, the company's "rain dew program" was further recognized and supported by local agricultural departments, cooperatives and farmers, and achieved good results.

This study and training activity is another measure to further implement Zhejiang Jilin counterpart cooperation and serve "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", which plays a positive role in expanding the influence of "rain dew plan" and disseminating the concept of chemical industry supply chain. It also lays a foundation for mobilizing farmers' enthusiasm for land transfer and expanding industrial planting.