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Gentle insistence -- volunteers walk into the children of stars
Release date: June 23, 2020

On July 18, the "gongyiyi" volunteer service team participated in the "Blue Angel · help growth plan" public welfare project organized by China National University of natural resources group. It carried out the volunteer service activity of "I have a date with stars" public welfare project, and went to Zhejiang AIBEIER tongkangfu center to accompany the children of Xingxing, and brought them school supplies and snacks.

On the eve of the activity, the volunteers conducted a centralized online training in advance and passed the test to understand the precautions when dealing with autistic children. After arriving at the rehabilitation center for autistic children, the volunteers accompanied the children to play games and draw under the guidance of the teachers of the rehabilitation center.

During the game, the volunteers patiently guided and communicated with the children and had a happy game class. The volunteers in the painting tutoring class gave careful guidance and assistance, and completed the admirable paintings together with the children.

Half a day's company is very short. The distance between the volunteers and the children is gradually getting closer, which also enables the volunteers to understand the value of volunteer activities more deeply. They not only bring care to the society, but also transmit love and civilization. The children of stars need more care and understanding from all walks of life. Next, we will pay attention to the special children's help action for a long time, practice the company's value concept of "pursuing the truth, the good and the beautiful", let the flag of "Blue Angel" fly in the hearts of more people who need to care and help in society, and contribute to the construction of a better society.