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Innovative development of chemical industry, corn planting, insurance and Futures
Issue date: June 19, 2018

In the wanghongyan family farm in Taonan City, Jilin Province, several young men pointed in the field under the scorching sun, and then squatted down to touch the corn seedlings which had grown nearly half a meter, showing a happy smile. In the eyes of outsiders, it seems that several farmers are checking their crops, but in fact, they are several business backbones of Zhejiang products and chemical industry group. They graft the thinking of bulk commodity trade of products and chemical products into the field of agricultural production and planting, and are exploring a new mode of agricultural modernization of planting + insurance + futures.

From the corn futures companies in the southern part of Zhejiang Province to the insurance companies in the southern part of Zhejiang Province, we have introduced the corn futures companies in the southern part of Zhejiang Province to the insurance companies in the southern part of Zhejiang Province Little by little, it witnessed the establishment of the chemical industry corn planting + insurance + futures supply chain mode, and also recorded the wisdom and sweat of the chemical industry entrepreneurial team.

Since 2017, the products and chemical industry has actively responded to the call of the state to build a modern agricultural industrial system, production system and management system, and promote the development of agricultural modernization. On the basis of the development of the original grain trade business, it has explored the extension and expansion of the upstream planting links of the supply chain, and vigorously promoted the layout of agricultural plates.

      As the first link in the chain of corn cultivation and chemical industry, the most important link is the ability of farmers to explore the value of corn cultivation and chemical industry, The income is very limited. Under the cultural guidance of entrepreneur oriented and pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, Sinochem decided to transform and upgrade corn planting with its own supply chain thinking. After many internal discussions and ideological collisions, it innovatively proposed a supply chain model of corn planting + insurance + futures. Relying on the mature corn supply chain service platform and strong resource integration ability, the company has built a local environment The 11 in one agricultural mode of land and financial mutual assistance, seeds, fertilizer, pesticide, agricultural machinery, agricultural technology, acquisition, storage, logistics and sales has formed an ecosystem of organic integration of corn supply chain partners and new agricultural business entities, agricultural science and technology service enterprises, financial service enterprises and third-party service enterprises, so as to share risks, create values and share values.

With the support of Taonan municipal government, Taonan Yuanrun Co., Ltd. has cooperated with the farm to develop large-scale, intensive, specialized and integrated agricultural industrialization planting. Among them, the products and chemical industry provides financial, technical and management services, unified sowing, unified soil testing and fertilization, and unified harvesting, and adopts high-tech means such as film mulching shallow buried drip irrigation, water retaining agent, digital agricultural system, Sinochem map service and other high-tech means and agricultural professional services to provide guarantee for greatly improving the production efficiency; the farm is responsible for the planting production and field management of corn; Taonan Yuanrun is the Provide endorsement for land circulation and production management.

Chemical products purchase the cost price through order agriculture, and sell corn in the form of basis through the corn supply chain platform, and share the profits with the farm and the farmers who transfer the land.

Chemical products to build a comprehensive and effective agricultural risk management system, insurance + futures modern financial services for the project escort. The products and chemical industry purchased Corn Regional Income Insurance of Pacific Insurance for the farm, and Zhejiang futures provided partial premium subsidy, which was also the first income insurance of Pacific Insurance in corn region; Taibao property insurance paid option premium to Zhejiang futures, purchased corn put options to transfer risk, Zhejiang futures realized hedging in corn futures market, thus realizing the closed-loop of the whole interest chain.

Wang Hongyan's family farm has integrated 16000 mu of transferred land, involving hundreds of peasant families, involving more than 2000 farmers, including more than 50 poverty-stricken households with file and card. Farmers who transfer land not only have the land rent of the farm, but also share part of the income. At the same time, the chemical industry provides employment opportunities to enter the tire factory and other cooperative factories to solve the problem of local farmers' employment difficulties and help poor farmers get rid of poverty and become rich.

      Zhejiang Province and Jilin Province are counterpart cooperation provinces. As a member of the state-owned enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the products and chemical industry will adhere to the product mission of "connecting things to the world and producing to the world". Starting with the corn planting + insurance + futures supply chain project, Zhejiang Province and Jilin Province will contribute to the counterpart cooperation between the two provinces and fight against poverty among agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and pass on the products and chemical industry to the society Truth, goodness and beauty.

In June, in Taonan City, 16000 mu of corn land was lush and lush, accumulating energy for autumn harvest. We are full of confidence, looking forward to the corn harvest season, looking forward to farmers have more real sense of gain, also looking forward to the chemical industry supply chain, ecological circle partners to create sharing, win-win symbiosis!