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"Rain and dew plan" helps spring ploughing production
Issue date: June 15, 2020

"The head of the tree is snowing, the plum is still there, and the spring willow on the ground is unknown.". Another spring comes, warmth and vitality come to the world again. In Taonan city of Jilin Province and wulateqian banner of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the chemical industry actively carried out the work of preparation for spring sowing, reasonably arranged the production plan, deployed material reserves as soon as possible, and carried out agricultural technical services to ensure the smooth progress of spring ploughing.

      Since 2018, with the support of the group company, petrochemicals has extended the corn supply chain to the upstream and entered the agricultural planting plate. The "rain dew plan" has been carried out in Taonan City, Jilin Province and wulateqian banner of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Through the transformation of the integrated service mode of the supply chain, the corn planting industry is improved, and the transformation and upgrading of local agriculture are helped, and the new mode of benefiting agriculture is innovated Strong affirmation and support from provincial leaders.

In 2020, under the special test of the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, we will introduce large-scale imported soil preparation machines and unmanned navigation seeders to improve the operation efficiency and quality, seize the agricultural time and grasp the quality, so as to escort the later Miao Qi, Miao Zhuang and Miao Quan. The introduction of large-scale agricultural machinery not only meets the requirements of "no gathering, less walking" in the current epidemic situation, but also helps farmers to realize the task of easily plowing the land, scientific sowing, and high-quality promotion of spring ploughing, so as to plug in the wings of science and technology for modern agriculture, and explore a new path of promoting agriculture through science and technology.

At the same time, under the leadership and support of the people's Government of Wulat Qianqi, Sinochem cooperated with Inner Mongolia Hexing agriculture and animal husbandry Co., Ltd., Huazhong Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University, Ningxia University and other units to carry out the "four control technology competition" scientific and technological innovation experiment to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

The pilot project of 31218 sets of high-efficiency and high-quality corn delivery vehicles was successfully completed. At present, the sown corn has spit out tender leaves and is growing vigorously. Agricultural projects such as aerial vehicle weeding, UAV flight prevention, watering and fertilizing are being carried out in an orderly manner.

      Looking forward to the future, the "rain dew plan" will continue to carry out the Party Central Committee's decision-making and deployment of "three rural" work and the requirements of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas with innovative thinking and solid steps. Centering on the core idea of "winning the battle of poverty alleviation and promoting the continuous increase of farmers' income", the "rain dew plan" will serve agriculture with science and technology, and actively explore a new mode of supply chain service for agricultural farmers, so as to revitalize the rural areas The development of modern agriculture.