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Opening a new journey of "double benefit and scale of 100 billion"
Release date: January 19, 2020

The meeting will be held on January 19, 2020. Wang Luning, member of the Party committee and vice president of Zhongda Group, and Gao Bingxue, member of the Party committee and vice president, attended the meeting and made an important speech.

In her speech, vice president Wang Luning fully affirmed the excellent achievements made by the products and chemical industry in recent years. She said that in recent years, the products chemical industry has been in the forefront of the group company in the practice of circulation "4.0". The achievements achieved in 2019 are hard won, which fully reflects the determination, ideals and beliefs of all cadres and staff. She hopes that the products and chemical industry can develop the supply chain by digitalization, deeply explore the two ends of the smile curve, strengthen the supply chain management, promote the industrial supply chain to develop to a higher and deeper level, continuously promote the innovation of the integrated service mode of the supply chain, and stride forward towards the road of building a chemical supply chain leader.

In his speech, Vice President Gao Bingxue expressed his general feelings for the development of the chemical industry in this year with "praise", "expectation" and "best wishes". He said that he praised the achievements made by the chemical industry in 2019, which are embodied in the "five new" aspects, such as the new high performance profit, the innovation of business model, the new strategic layout, the new team outlook, and the new target of 2020 and the "14th five year plan". The business model of "four chain integration" is full of vitality and vitality. We hope that the company will continue to promote the long-term development of the company with platform thinking, supply chain thinking and Internet thinking. At the same time, we also wish the company a stable and long-term success.

Zhang Biao, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors, made a theme report entitled "stability leads to long-term development, truth, kindness and beauty compose a new chapter of high-quality development in the new era". Zhang Dong pointed out that in 2019, the company insisted on strategic guidance, risk prevention and resolution, high-quality development, entrepreneurship and innovation, accelerated the practice of supply chain business model innovation, focused on and deepened the industrial chain, made up for the shortcomings of the pharmaceutical sector, and started digital transformation. The company's sustainable development ability was strengthened, and high-quality development created the best water in history Ping. While affirming the achievements, it points out the existing problems and the situation.

In the face of double superimposed economic pressure, Zhang Dong pointed out that in 2020, products and chemical industry should have a sense of crisis, stable development, innovative development and vitality. Based on the general keynote of "stable and long-term development", we should promote the modernization of corporate governance system and governance capacity, optimize the function and business system, improve the responsibility mechanism, select multi-level deterministic profit model, focus on the improvement of supply chain value, accelerate the implementation of digital transformation, steadily carry out industrial merger and acquisition, strengthen the management and control of investment entities, and adhere to the value symbiosis, long-term principle and feasibility We will start a new journey of "100 billion" and double the benefits. The first is to promote the modernization of enterprise governance system and governance capacity. We should strengthen the system and ability of the party's leadership over enterprises, enhance the system and ability of modern enterprise governance, implement the system and ability of entrepreneur oriented, and build the system and ability of enterprise culture. Second, strengthen strategic control and continuously promote high-quality development. Further focus on the main business, maintain strategic focus; accelerate the implementation of digital transformation; choose a multi-level, deterministic profit model; M & A investment is more stable, and increase the control of investment entities. The third is to achieve a long-term goal, positioning long-term value symbiosis. We should adhere to the long-term principle of value symbiosis, adhere to the concept of "no value, no sharing", and adhere to the ideal of "truth, goodness and beauty".

Yu Feipeng, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice chairman and general manager, made a business report entitled "taking responsibility by doing practical work, maintaining integrity, improving governance efficiency and ensuring high-quality development". In 2019, the company has fully completed the goals and tasks assigned by the group, and its recurrent performance has reached a record high. It has fully demonstrated its development toughness and potential, specifically manifested in six business highlights such as mode innovation. From the international, domestic and industrial situation, general manager Yu deeply analyzed the situation and existing problems of the company's operation and management.

      Looking forward to 2020, general manager Yu pointed out that in 2020, we should make long-term plans, start a great new journey of "double benefits and scale of 100 billion yuan", conscientiously implement the working principles and tasks of the group and the company, and do a good job in six aspects of business work: focusing on strategic guidance, systematically planning the "14th five year plan"; focusing on governance efficiency, promoting the modernization of governance system and governance capacity; and focusing on The main business is to deeply practice the "four chain integration" mode; to focus on digital empowerment and solidly promote the implementation of digital platform; to focus on green science and technology, to accelerate the integrated development of pharmaceutical sector; to focus on talents to strengthen enterprises, and to enhance the strength of organization and team.

The meeting also announced the commendation of outstanding individuals who won the individual contribution award in 2019 and the innovation and development achievements of the company in 2019, as well as 11 advanced collectives with outstanding performance in 2019 and 65 advanced individuals with outstanding performance in their respective posts.

The meeting was presided over by Shi Zhenlun, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union. More than 300 people attended the meeting, including Ruan Danxi, director of the company's board of directors office director, Feng Jing, the company's supervisor and assistant director of the group's board of supervisors office, Jin Ping, senior manager of the group's circulation department, members of the company's leading group, all employees of the headquarters and chlor alkali company, management teams and advanced individuals of other member companies attended the meeting.