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Building smart supply chain to build industrial ecosystem -- a successful transformation of products, chemicals and digital transformation
Release date: 2020-04-28

        In order to better promote the digital transformation of the company and promote the construction of intelligent supply chain of products and chemical industry, in December 26, 2019, more than thirty people in charge of products and chemical industry executives and related departments went to Shanghai DDT Greenhouse to carry out digital transformation brainstorming.

At the beginning of the activity, DDT Greenhouse staff guided everyone to visit the green and diligent space. Students are impressed by the concept of open space, the spatial layout of witty and interesting, and the new technology tools.

At the co Creation Conference, Yu Feipeng, deputy secretary, vice chairman and general manager of the Party committee of chemical products and chemical industry, explained the company's business model in an all-round way. It focused on sharing the innovative practice of Haining warp knitting service platform focusing on industrial cluster economy and building smart platform ecosystem.

Chen Jing, a senior expert in the field of supply chain, He Bo, a senior expert in data management field, He Bo gave an in-depth explanation and introduction to the application of supply chain digital network, data governance and data analysis in the process of new era enterprise management. The two experts, through the methodology combined with detailed cases, vividly explain the data governance, data application and big data technology application in the digitalization transformation of products and chemical industry, giving everyone a brand-new inspiration and thinking.

Ji Lei, senior project manager of DDT, focused on seven aspects of the supply chain development trend and industry analysis, project objectives and current situation analysis, business blueprint planning, data structure blueprint planning, technical blueprint planning, organization blueprint planning, platform construction roadmap planning, etc., and made a blueprint for the intelligent supply chain platform project.

After the end of the sharing, we divided into four groups. The group members brainstorming around the blueprint plan and the EVM business value map, and discussed and produced many groundbreaking ideas and opinions enthusiastically. At the same time, we put forward our own opinions and suggestions for the overall blueprint rules of the smart supply chain and the current situation of the various business sections. In the whole process, each group is deeply thinking, combining with the influence of macro and micro strategy, the current fluctuation of industry, the collaboration of upstream and downstream partners of intelligent supply chain, and so on, and strive to build the value map of products and chemical industry characteristics.

      Mr. Liu Junlong, partner of DDT cloud service director of China, made a concluding speech for this co Creation Conference. Mr. Liu strongly agreed that the products and chemical industry is a dynamic and innovative enterprise, which has the advantage of being different from the traditional state-owned enterprises. At the same time, he hopes to improve the degree of attention of the smart supply chain digital transformation project together with the products and chemical industry, and adopt a reasonable and scientific step by step strategy. We should work together to create industry benchmarks.

Finally, the party secretary and chairman Zhang Biao of the products and chemical industry made a concluding speech. Zhang Dong fully affirmed DDT's efforts and achievements in the past six months, and stressed that we should not forget the initial intention and mission of digital transformation. He said that digital transformation of products and chemical industry should start from the smart supply chain system to establish interaction with customers, insight into customer behavior, meet customer needs, implement intelligent supply chain process reengineering, apply big data, cloud computing, AI and other digital technology, improve decision-making efficiency, speed up operational agility, truly realize customer centered business model reshaping. Zhang Dong proposed the phased goals and directions in four aspects of the transformation of products and chemical industry. One is to ensure the on-line application of the smart supply chain system; the two is to establish digital links with customers, create value for customers, establish platforms; three, use technology + data to create ecological system; and four, provide digital supply chain finance and credit services for enterprises.

The launching of this event shows the determination of products and chemicals in the digital transformation project of intelligent supply chain. It also marks a new milestone in the digital transformation project of intelligent supply chain of chemical products and chemical industry, and hopes that through this co creation meeting, we will strike out the excellent ideas and innovative ideas of constructing the value map of products and chemical enterprises.