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Chemical products and chemical industry and Shandong Laizhou city government, Guangrao county government signed a strategic cooperation agreement
Release date: 2019-12-20

In December 18, 2019, products and chemical industry held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Hangzhou with the Shandong Laizhou municipal government and Guangrao county government. Gao Bingxue, leader of the Party committee and vice president of Zhongda Group, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Zhang Biao, Secretary of the Party committee of chemical products and chemical industry, and Zhang Biao, respectively, signed strategic cooperation agreements with Liu Lijun, standing committee of Shandong municipal Party committee, deputy mayor Ge Xuetong, and deputy county magistrate Liu Lijun of Shandong province.

Peng Lei, general manager of the investment department of Zhongda Group, the chairman of Shandong Huaxin liquidation and reorganization group, Mr. Ti Ting Ting, Zhao Yang, Zhao Jianpeng of Beijing Dacheng (Ji'nan) law firm, Tian Yongshan, Yan Hai Ming, deputy general manager of Huasheng Rubber Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Laizhou government, Guangrao county government leaders and chemical industry and chemical industry leading group members attended the signing ceremony.

In the speech, Party committee member and vice president of Zhongda Group, first, thank the Laizhou municipal government and the Guangrao county government for their support to the Zhongda Group, as well as the help of Hauck and other managers. He fully affirmed the achievements made in recent years in the innovation and practice of supply chain integration services in the field of chemical products and chemical industry. Starting from the tire industry cluster area and the pain point of tire enterprises, the product and chemical industry cut through the tire supply chain integration service, integrated the rubber tire vertical industry chain, built the tire integrated service platform, and integrated the industrial chain with the supply chain thinking, and ultimately built the tire production. Industry ecosystem. He hopes to seize the historical opportunity of Shandong's economic development and the supply side reform of the tire industry, seize the favorable opportunity of strategic cooperation with the Laizhou municipal government and Guangrao county government, accelerate the implementation of the tire industry development strategy, create greater value for customers, make greater contributions to the upgrading of the core competitiveness of the tire industry and the development of local economy and society, as well as the cooperation between government and enterprises in the new era. The new supply chain integration service innovation provides a new model.

Ge Xuetong, executive vice mayor of Laizhou, introduced the development of Laizhou's economy and industry, highly appraised the supply chain integrated service mode of products and chemical industry. He said that since 2017, chemical products and chemical industry in Laizhou to carry out tire industry investment and supply chain services cooperation, helped the Shandong Hauck company resume and maintain a smooth and orderly normal production, enhanced the value of assets, and made positive contributions to the maintenance of workers' rights and interests and local social stability. The signing of the new strategic agreement on energy conversion will surely build a bridge for friendship and passion and promote the sincere cooperation and common development of both sides. He hoped that products and chemical industries will continue to play their leading role and help Laizhou's development at a higher level and higher level. Laizhou municipal Party committee and municipal government will also strive to provide first-class services for enterprises to invest and develop in Laizhou and create a first-class environment.

      Liu Lijun, deputy county magistrate of Guangrao County, said that since its operation in 2018, the products and chemicals industry has responded positively to the local government's integrated goal of effectively activating the quality of the stock and optimizing the competition pattern of the local tire industry in Guangrao, and has continuously expanded the scale of investment in Guangrao County. This year, together with Huasheng rubber, it co funded the establishment of Shandong leading Tire Co., Ltd. Rui bankruptcy reorganization, and finally passed. In the context of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province, he hopes that the products and chemical industry will cultivate Guangrao in the principle of complementary advantages, deep cooperation and mutual benefit, and actively participate in the transformation and upgrading of the new and old energy industries of Shandong tire industry, and help the tire industry achieve sound development. The local government will give all the best services and assistance to more projects with the greatest sincerity and the greatest efforts.

      In the speech, Yu Feipeng, deputy secretary, vice chairman and general manager of the chemical industry and chemical industry, looked back at the development of tire business in Laizhou and Guangrao in the past three years, thanked the leaders of Laizhou and Guangrao counties for their concern, support and personal guidance to the products and chemical industry, and the standardization and marketization of the managers and managers of Hauck and og, as well as the Huasheng rubber and so on. The concept of cooperation partners, sincere cooperation. He hoped that with the signing of the contract with the two governments as a new starting point, the supply chain integration service will continue to participate deeply in the new and old energy conversion and industrial upgrading of the tire industry, and create a competitive characteristic enterprise in the tire industry, making new and greater contributions to local economic and social development.

Ti Ruiting, chairman of Shandong Huaxin liquidation reorganization group, and Zhao Yang, lawyer of Beijing Dacheng (Ji'nan) law firm, spoke as representatives of Hauck and Ogori reorganization manager. They said that after the cooperation with products and chemical industry, the government, investors, enterprises, creditors and workers could win a win-win situation. It is believed that Hauck and the company are able to shine with greater vitality and stamina after the strong input and operation of products and chemicals, the government's meticulous support and the cooperation of the major distributors. The future of Hauck and og is set sail.

The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement marks the beginning of a new stage of development of the chemical industry and Laizhou and Guangrao governments. In the future, products and chemical industry will carry out closer and deeper cooperation with the governments of both sides, so as to win the cooperation and win the initiative, promote development by innovation, take the initiative to push forward the undertakings of various undertakings and bear fruit, and jointly write a new chapter of win-win cooperation between government and enterprises.