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Shun long chemical supply chain project started, vice president of high school, attended the signing ceremony.
Release date: 2019-07-11

In the morning of July 11th, chemical products and chemical industry and Zhejiang Shun long Chemical Co., Ltd. jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement, marking the annual output of 30 thousand tons of reactive dyes supply chain project cooperation officially opened. Under the joint testimony of Gao Bingxue, the Party committee member and vice president of the large group, and Hu Baorong, vice mayor of Shangyu District, Shaoxing, the party secretary and chairman Zhang Biao of the chemical products and chemical industry and Zhu Haigen, the chairman of Shun long chemical industry, respectively signed the contract between the two sides.

Founded in 2000, Zhejiang Shun Lung Chemical Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment and strong R & D capability in the field of reactive dyes. It has been awarded the two prize of national technological invention, and has set up the provincial enterprise technology center and the National Key Laboratory of fine chemical industry pilot and industrialization base. Products and chemical industry will give full play to the rich experience in supply chain integrated service mode, and provide integrated services for upstream raw material supply, production management and downstream product sales integration. The two sides plan to achieve an annual output of 30 thousand tons of reactive dyestuff production scale through cooperation in the next three years, with an annual revenue of 800 million yuan, an annual profit of 200 million yuan, and strive to enter the domestic capital market and jointly build the leading domestic reactive dye integrated service provider.

At the signing ceremony, vice president of high school in the first speech thanked the party committees and governments at all levels in Shangyu for their strong support for the Zhongda Group. He said that Zhongda Group insisted on the development strategy of "one body and two wings", accelerated the implementation of "circulation 4", and worked hard to build China's supply chain integration service leader, actively serving the national development strategy and the "four big" construction decision making deployment of the province, and served as the leader of the "two high level" construction in the province. He hoped that the products and chemical industry will work closely with Shun long chemical industry to complement the supply chain, constantly promote the supply chain integration service in the dyestuff industry, take part in the market competition with the form of the industrial chain, enhance the core competitiveness of both sides, make greater contributions to the local economic construction, create greater value for customers, and provide a new model for the integrated service innovation of the medium and large supply chain.

Deputy head Hu Baorong expressed appreciation for the support of Shangyu Zhongda Group to the economic and social development of the province. He pointed out that the signing of strategic cooperation agreement between products and chemical industry and Shun long chemical industry will help to better promote the development of the two enterprises, and help upgrade the equipment, technology and production capacity of Shangyu chemical industry, and promote the high quality development of chemical industry. He said that all functional departments in Shangyu will continue to increase service strength and solve all kinds of difficulties and problems encountered in the process of production and operation in an effort to create a better environment and effectively escort the development of enterprises.

Before the signing ceremony, the vice president of high school and his delegation visited the Shun long chemical synthesis workshop, R & D inspection center, semi finished warehouse and finished product warehouse. Peng Lei, general manager of group investment department, deputy secretary of the company's Party committee and Secretary of discipline inspection, Tang Yuqing, deputy general manager of the company, member of the Party committee, Guo Jian of the supervisor, relevant departments of Shangyu district government, upstream and downstream partners, bank financial institutions, and more than 100 people attended the signing ceremony.