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Elite chemical industry program in 2020
Release date: May 16, 2020

In order to cultivate internal skills, better cope with the changes brought about by the vuca era, and build a high-quality, high-tech elite team, on May 16, the chemical industry elite program officially opened, and the opening ceremony was held before the class. Zhang Biao, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee, attended and delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. Shi Zhenlun, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union, attended and presided over the opening ceremony. 26 key personnel from all departments and member companies of the company are the first batch of trainees.

In his speech, Mr. Zhang stressed that the growth of leaders and managers is in the process of learning, and the middle-level backbone is the backbone of the company to maintain high-quality development. Around the study and growth, Zhang Dong talked about three hopes: first, "not afraid of the clouds cover the eyes", firm faith and establish confidence. In the situation of new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic fluctuation, we are facing great challenges. However, we still need to strengthen our confidence and clearly realize the strategic goal of "double benefit and scale of 100 billion". The backbone teams at all levels of the company should be brave in taking responsibility, good at learning, and make continuous efforts for the development of the company. Second, "there is a road to the mountain of books, diligence is the path", diligent reading, lifelong learning. Zhang Dong shared his "three musts" of learning: basic knowledge, classics and trends. He recommended three classic books to the students. The third is "never know this matter, practice it", apply what you have learned, and combine knowledge with practice. The ultimate purpose of training is to apply knowledge to practice, to daily work and to the development of the company, so as to promote the common development of team members.

At the meeting, Secretary Shi Zhenlun reviewed the achievements of the first two backbone training courses, explained the annual training plan, and put forward four learning hopes for all the trainees: first, do a good job in safety protection and safety training during the epidemic period. The second is to realize in place, thinking in place, cherish learning opportunities, and the third is to study seriously and make good classroom records. Fourth, it is necessary to integrate knowledge with practice and transform knowledge and ability into enterprise development achievements.

After the opening ceremony, Professor Xiao Fengde, a senior management and leadership expert, will give a lecture on innovative thinking and ability training. In the class, the teacher gradually guides the establishment of innovative thinking and the promotion of creativity from the perspective of inspiration, conception and implementation, and exercises innovative design thinking through objective and vivid cases to explore the breakthrough point of innovation and development. After the whole course, Xiao Fengde's lecture gave the students a lot of inspiration, and the students gained a lot.