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A little fire can start a prairie fire
Release date: November 1, 2019

A single spark can start a prairie fire


"It's said that farming is a rough job, but in fact, only careful people can do it well." Looking back on the development of the project for many years, Gu Wei, the person in charge of the Ministry of grain and chemical industry, expressed his feelings.

The spark of the Ministry of grain and chemical industry

At the beginning of 2011, the Ministry of grain and chemical industry expanded to corn, an agricultural product of alcohol raw material, on the basis of the original liquefaction business. Gu Wei took the lead and went deep into the production areas of Northeast China in the season of concentrated listing of corn. He lived in the remote grain depot for several months, and bought the first 15000 tons of corn since the establishment of the project. After half a year, he became a professional corn expert from an outsider in the corn industry.

"We were all feeling the stones and crossing the river," Gu Wei recalled. "At the beginning, we didn't know how to plant, so we went to Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang provinces to visit large growers, and gradually found a way to overcome the difficulties of crop lodging and inaccurate land survey. In fact, in the process of design, the head of the land control group thinks that the design of the project is a big and big one

One step closer

In the early stage of the project, the business backbone of the team has been stationed in the raw grain production area or trade port in Northeast China for a long time. Hao Chunhe, who was stationed in the rural area of tiehei every day, was not responsible for the development of agricultural machinery.

The hard experience made the team members develop their own business expertise. Zhao Peng is familiar with the situation of deep processing and purchasing enterprises in the production area; Hao Chunming has his own set of grain drying production and grain depot management; Pang Chong is proficient in grain blending skills and cash transaction; Yan Chenchen, Yan chenchu and Liu Junhao are familiar with the port business and interpersonal relationship between North and south. With the growth of business, the team staff also work overtime to learn basic business knowledge.

"Now our three-year corn trading volume can fill a West Lake." seeing the hard work and bearing fruit, Gu Wei is sweet and Zizi in his heart.

The trend of starting a prairie fire

On June 22, 2018, the launching ceremony of "rain dew plan" - the integration of industry and finance of corn planting supply chain was held at the headquarters of China National University of natural resources. The Ministry of grain and chemical industry has taken a key step in the strategic layout of planting industry, and the objectives of the whole industry supply chain mode of agricultural products integrating planting, processing, breeding, circulation and service of agricultural products are increasingly clear.

At present, the business personnel of the Ministry of grain and chemical industry are on business for most of the year. From the tracking and supervision of logistics nodes to the development of customers all over the country, we fly more than 50 times a year. We all take the work as their own career, no complaints, full of energy.

From 25000 mu in Taonan in 2018 to 20000 mu in Inner Mongolia in 2019, the achievements of the Ministry of grain and chemical industry are inseparable from the hard work of everyone in the team.

All things grow on the sun, rain and dew moisten the seedlings. Under the sweat of every employee in the Department of grain and chemical industry, this seedling is growing vigorously. In the future, the Ministry of grain and chemical industry will continue to work for a more environmentally friendly and high-yield integrated circular economy.

When we talk about the future