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The story of spring
Release date: October 31, 2019

The story of spring —— matter Warp knitting For Response chain platform Entrepreneurship


"Give up mature and stable business, only take three or four people to develop a new and unknown project. Shen Guojun is the one who carries the flag and walks in front." In the eyes of his leaders and colleagues, Shen Guojun is a brave, careful and resilient man.

"Pathfinder" who tries first

Breaking through the shackles of traditional trade, buying low and selling high, changing the thinking to develop the "smart supply chain" of warp knitting industry is a dream of all the polyester business department.

In the early spring of 2017, Shen Guojun, deputy project manager of polyester business department, brought only one new colleague to the warp knitting Market of Haining. After a month's research, it is difficult to find the difference between the expected investment plan and the polyester industry. With no office space, no understanding of customer needs, and no recognition from suppliers, problems ensued. Shen Guojun, with his entrepreneurial blueprint, was in a dilemma.

In the next two months, Shen Guojun led his team to run through Haining and more than 200 warp knitting enterprises around Haining. He had been puzzled, questioned and even opposed, but he still knocked on the door of customers again and again, and his clothes were soaked several times a day. He has made great efforts to establish a business relationship with nearly 3000 tons of polyester yarn in the industry.

The "pillar" in charge

The project has improved, but the overall collaborative construction of the industrial chain is sluggish. Some factories began to reject the orders of warp knitted products and restrict the delivery by delaying delivery. The successive difficulties make the feasibility of the project questioned by many parties.

Shen Guojun firmly believes that there is nothing wrong with the smart supply chain, but that the team needs time to find key resources. Shen Guojun is under great pressure. He has personally packed goods in the workshop, supervised the war for the wrong goods, and proofed the finished cloth in rainy and snowy days He has encountered unexpected situations and been criticized by customers. All kinds of unexpected situations have trained his ability to identify risks and solve problems, and strengthen the cohesion of the team.

In April 2018, the monthly trading volume of warp knitted polyester yarn has exceeded 6000 tons, and the relationship with customers has become increasingly close. It has also successfully entered the financial system of warp knitting industry and reached cooperation with various banks.

The walking "front man"

Haining company was established in 2018, and the project team is planned to be established in 2018. Shen Guojun was busy again in making feasibility estimates and reports, holding meetings, negotiating with shareholders and signing letters of intent. When the interested shareholders were hesitant, he explained and communicated one by one.

On July 10, 2018, the product warp knitting project was signed. On that day, someone asked Shen Guojun, "excited?" "I feel more stressed and more responsible," he said

In August 2018, the company was incorporated. Shen Guojun and his colleagues have been struggling for three years since the project was planned in 2015, settled in Haining in 2017, and officially launched the project in 2018. Today, it has expanded more than 150 customers with a stable flow of 10000 tons / month.

He knew clearly that what he was doing was a cause, and that he had to devote great enthusiasm to it and overcome many difficulties. Now, he is still stationed in the front line of Haining project, expanding customers, overcoming difficulties, and the story of entrepreneurship is still continuing.