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Release date: July 10, 2019

Outstanding communist party member: Liu Chen

On April 7, 1962, Lei Feng wrote in his diary: "the role of a person is like a screw in a machine for the revolutionary cause. Because of the connection and fixation of many screws, the machine has become a solid whole, and can operate freely and exert its huge working ability. Although the screw is small, its role is immeasurable. I would like to be a screw forever. Screws should be regularly maintained and cleaned to prevent rusting. The same is true of people's minds. We should check them regularly so that they will not go wrong. " Lei Feng's words have inspired generations of people to consciously integrate themselves into the cause of the party and the people with the "screw spirit", obey the organization, be loyal to their duties, be conscientious, love and contribute their own light and heat. In the chemical industry, there is also a grass-roots staff, whether in management or business, whether in the headquarters, or in the overseas, she always takes the overall situation as the priority, firmly goes to the position that the organization needs, innovates and explores, studies and researches, undertakes as well as starts a business, completes the work tasks with high standards and high quality, and makes real achievements. Liu Chen, an employee of the chemical industry department, is one of them.

In August 2018, Liu Chen, who graduated from George Washington University and returned home with a master's degree from George Washington University, was assigned to the Haining project Zhejiang products warp knitting supply chain Co., Ltd., which was under preparation at that time, before he could fully understand the business and environment after entering the product chemical polyester business department, so as to explore and innovate a new mode and new direction of the product chemical supply chain business. As a newcomer, Liu Chen did not wait, rely on, or want, but did not hesitate to join in the establishment of the new company, taking on the work of comprehensive management. Liu Chen has a sense of urgency and crisis that he can't afford to wait or slow down in his work. He always keeps his passion and plunges into all kinds of work with high morale and full spirit. He goes back and forth to the warehouse, government affairs center and warp knitting headquarters building. He is responsible for compiling the management system, salary assessment scheme, personnel training plan and contact information of the company In a short period of two months, we have built the basic operation and management framework of the products warp knitting company, laying a solid foundation for the follow-up development.

Products warp knitting company was established, but where is the business? How to implement the model? How to let the warp knitting enterprises which are used to fighting alone change their ideas and accept our way? Where will the industrial cluster economy go in the future? How to break through the mode of integrated service platform? In hot summer, Liu Chen often competes with other team members in the office, warehouse and business trip. In the face of new models and new businesses, everyone can be regarded as new people and boldly put forward their own ideas and opinions. Under the support and guidance of leaders, Liu Chen was responsible for the innovative design and shaping of the model. He constantly studied the feasibility of the supply chain business model and the supply chain from his colleagues, and constantly studied the feasibility of the supply chain business model and the supply chain system He has a deeper understanding of the mode planning and blueprint design, and participated in the writing of the achievement report of "innovation and exploration of creating ecological organizers of Haining warp knitting industry based on platform strategy", and won the second prize of evaluation of key innovation projects of China National University of products group in 2018. "Practice is the only criterion for testing truth." Whether the model is feasible or not depends on action. At the end of November 2018, based on the band analysis of market fluctuation and the regression logic of market cost, Liu Chen innovatively put forward the arbitrage business mode of current and future combined with processing fees, and was responsible for the trading operation. As of June 2019, the gross profit has reached more than 1.5 million yuan.

After more in-depth practice in the front-line business, Liu Chen found that warp knitting enterprises are generally small-scale and have low resistance to fluctuations in raw material prices. With the industrial flow basis of Zhongda Group and the financial market of bulk commodities, products can be designed to help small and micro enterprises manage risks and make profits. Based on this, in view of the fact that the stock of raw materials occupied by the products warp knitting company does not produce value, drawing on the business model of overnight inter-bank lending, Liu Chen and his colleagues designed a business model of "borrowing and lending goods". By lending the polyester yarn in stock to the factory for production, the customers realized the replacement of lower raw material cost through the later point price, and avoided the risk of falling price It eliminates the capital occupation of inventory, and gains more profits on the arbitrage of processing cost combined with current period. After the model was launched, it quickly won the trust of customers and market recognition, attracted many customers, realized the win-win situation of itself and customers, and won a good reputation for the products warp knitting company.

Pattern innovation is always on the way, and the pattern evolution of product warp knitting is endless. The future of the integrated service platform of warp knitting supply chain is data-based. The key point is to excavate the flow value, inventory value, information value and credit value, transform the production and operation data into credit investigation, and deepen the industrial dynamics into information to guide the investment of industrial chain. To this end, Liu Chen and his colleagues actively explored and designed enterprise information table, industry systematic risk information table, high frequency key data table, etc., actively contacted universities and industrial Internet companies, grasped enterprise production data, quality information, business situation, etc., built data system, and initially constructed a model to predict the future market trend and carry out risks for future actual operation Early warning and credit line assessment have been well prepared.

"We are entrepreneurs. Although we may have different positions and different industries, we are all realizing the truth, doing good and building a better together." Not long ago, Liu Chen said so and did so in the speech contest of "entrepreneur oriented, pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty" in product chemical industry. As a member of the Communist Party, Comrade Liu Chen always demands and inspires himself according to the standards of Party members, and adheres to maintaining the advanced nature of Party members. In addition to his own initiative and initiative in Ideological and political work, he plays an active role in his own work. When the project work is climbing over the ridge, take the initiative to work overtime, speed up the work progress with the working mode of "white plus black" and "five plus two"; adjust the mentality when the collective work is hard to overcome difficulties, and serve the overall situation with full enthusiasm and high fighting spirit; actively participate in the organization activities when necessary, and drive the atmosphere with the attitude of striving for volunteers. He is committed to the company's self-discipline and self-discipline, and is committed to the company's self-discipline and innovation.

Liu Chen, an ordinary Party member of the products and chemical industry, is doing his "screw spirit" of doing, loving and being single-minded. He is practicing his original intention and mission as a Communist Party member. He has always been on the front line of entrepreneurship and innovation, and has made extraordinary achievements and contributions in his ordinary jobs.

Excellent Party member: Gao Chunyan

      In 2012, he became a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Co., Ltd. and worked hard to become an excellent member of the CPC group Image.

Firm faith and keep the advanced nature of Party members forever

Comrade Gao Chunyan has good moral character and correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. Have strong self-discipline ability. Systematically study the party's theory, economic theory, laws and regulations, and leadership science and art knowledge. Actively participate in all kinds of learning activities organized by the company, constantly enrich and improve myself through learning, improve my theoretical level, and be able to use the knowledge accumulated at ordinary times, closely connect with the actual work, and do a good job in every work. As a member of the Communist Party, she constantly strengthens her learning ability and influences and drives the masses in her practical work.

Be diligent and eager to learn and consolidate the basic skills of business

No matter the salesman or the person in charge of the business, without solid basic skills, can not complete the responsibilities assigned by this position. Since taking part in the work, Gao Chunyan has taken the initiative to learn the knowledge of chemical industry, logistics, relevant policies and laws, and deeply knows that the study should not stay in simple theoretical knowledge and case analysis, but should constantly practice and improve herself in practice. From the simplest to do the contract, record statements, reconciliation to customer negotiations, industry meetings, every small link is not missed.. Conscientiously participate in their own work and conscientiously complete their own work. In the grass-roots position during the work, has been two consecutive years group and company advanced worker title.

Love your job and be a good business leader

Comrade Gao Chunyan is not afraid of heavy work and always strives for perfection in his work. In the rapid development stage of the company, she took the lead in completing the early accumulation and became the first person in the company's emerging forces to form a team for independent assessment. The challenge in the early stage is very big. Set up a team and develop business In the process of Northeast business development, although she and her team spent a lot of time and energy, the early business development was not smooth, but she was not discouraged. After repeated investigation and summary, after half a year's efforts, the business had a new breakthrough. The project completed the initial goal and became a typical industry chain service project of the company. She also led the team to complete the first year's business Business objectives. After the establishment of the division, as the head of the Department, her work has become more busy. There are no rest days and holidays. Business trips that go as soon as you say it is common. Under her leadership, the team gradually expanded, and the Department achieved a breakthrough of 1 billion yuan in revenue.

Amiable, be a close person for young employees

In daily life, Comrade Gao Chunyan is a kind and kind person, with a smile on her face all the time. As the head of the Department, she is also the Secretary of the General Youth League branch of the company. She is also willing to help these young colleagues overcome their worries and difficulties. She always carefully understands and enlightens them when they are at a loss in their work and life, so that new employees can truly feel the warmth and easygoing of friends.

An outstanding party worker: Shan Qiyan

In July 2008, Shan Qiyan joined the company after graduation. For more than ten years, she has always been committed to her duties, worked hard, and constantly improved the management and innovation level of party affairs. She has made good achievements and won unanimous praise from all over the company.

Firm faith and establish the image of Party members

Shan Qiyan consciously keeps a high degree of consistency with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in ideology, politics and action, strictly abides by political discipline and rules, and constantly improves political consciousness and political ability. In her daily life and daily work, she always uses the standard of Party members to strictly measure and restrict her words and deeds, takes the lead in setting an example, constantly enhances the party's concept, strengthens the party spirit cultivation, strives to improve the comprehensive quality and the party building professional ability, always maintains the attitude of "modesty", "prudence" and "self-discipline", earnestly performs her post duties and strives to play a Communist Party Members should play a vanguard and exemplary role, and actively complete the tasks assigned by the company's Party committee and superior leaders.

Study hard to improve business ability

As a party worker in the new era, Shan Qiyan knows well that he has newer and higher requirements for party work. First of all, he must have good political professional quality and policy theoretical level. I have been studying the party's basic knowledge, Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. Through learning, we have greatly improved our theoretical level and political consciousness, strengthened our faith in communism, kept in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and loved party affairs more. In addition to Party building and clean government work, Shan Qiyan is also responsible for the company's human resources work. Daily routine work takes up most of the working time. In order not to affect the normal development of work, she often works overtime. Over the years, in the face of increasing work pressure, she did not relax her requirements, but tried to transform the work pressure into work motivation and overcome various difficulties encountered in her work. In her daily life, she often exchanges ideas with other leaders and Party members and comrades of the company. She insists on telling the truth and telling the truth, and always practices the standard of excellent party members.

Establishing regulations and systems to consolidate the foundation of Party Building

The company is a relatively young company among the members of the company, and the foundation of Party building is relatively weak. In order to consolidate the foundation of Party building of the company, Shan Qiyan has conscientiously implemented the consistent practice of "grasping the system to promote the party building and the party building to promote the business" since he became the department head. He has done a good job in the party building work of the company according to the requirements of the company's Party committee and superior leaders in charge, and has made great efforts to consolidate the work foundation. We should pay attention to the study and education of Party members and cadres of the company, enrich the means of education and improve the effect of education by using various forms. At the beginning of the year, the company formulated the key points of Party building and the construction of Party style and clean government, and the learning plan of the theoretical center group of the Party committee, and urged the central group and all Party branches to study according to the plan. The party building and Party building of the company are more standardized in accordance with the requirements of the party building and the responsibility system. Revise the company's performance appraisal methods, incorporate the party building work into the assessment and evaluation system, and closely link up with the year-end performance of each department. Actively carry out the party building inspection at the middle and end of the year, and supervise and implement the daily organizational life of each branch. While doing a good job in the basic work, Shan Qiyan promotes innovation through co construction to ensure that the optional movements have their own characteristics. Efforts to promote the co construction of the company's Party committee and the Marxism College of Zhejiang University, carry out co construction projects, a series of Party building courses into the company, intern exchange and other activities. We are committed to the joint construction of Jiulian new village and the creation of characteristic brand of Shuxiang chemical industry, and comprehensively promote the establishment of red brand of the company.

Strengthen ideological guidance with cultural people

Shan Qiyan always believes that "corporate culture is the soul of a company's development". In order to strengthen the publicity and implementation of the company's corporate culture, Shan Qiyan optimized the setting of the company's trade union family, and actively promoted the construction of the company's corporate culture, and promoted the implementation of the "annual corporate culture construction activity plan" and "good life plan". He took the lead in organizing the "entrepreneur oriented" project The theme of "Red Tour" of Party members and key members of the company, such as the theme of "Red Tour", was strengthened, and the theme of "Red Tour" was strengthened.

Under the strong leadership of the Party committee of Zhongda Group and the company, Mr. Shan Qiyan has always been diligent and pragmatic, daring to take responsibility, and never forgetting the original intention and mission of a party affairs worker.

Excellent party workers: Wang Jian

      Wang Jian is now the Party branch committee of the property port reserve, director of the comprehensive office of Dushan Port Affairs. With a high sense of responsibility and a strong sense of enterprise, Wang Jian is conscientious and diligent in party work. He has accomplished various tasks assigned by the party organization, and has made positive contributions to the party building work and the development of the company The main achievements of excellent party workers at the grass-roots level are as follows:

Strengthen study and firm faith

As a member of the Communist Party, in his daily life and daily work, Comrade Wang Jian has always put the study of political theory in the first place, constantly studied the party's line, principles and policies, and earnestly implemented the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and Xi Jinping's society with Chinese characteristics in the new era We should strive to improve our ideological and political quality, firm correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, and firm communist belief. He has always used the standard of excellent party members to strictly measure and restrict his words and deeds, constantly enhance the party's concept, strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, abide by the party's discipline, implement the party's decisions, constantly spur himself, constantly improve his comprehensive quality and professional ability, and actively complete various tasks. We strive to take the lead in our work and life, play the vanguard and exemplary role that a party member should have, and strive to let the glorious title of "Party member" shine on himself.

Bravely shoulder heavy burden, love work

Under the requirements of the integrated management of products, port and storage, Mr. Wang Jian has several responsibilities and bravely shoulders heavy responsibilities. He is the office director, responsible for the administrative, external liaison and logistics management of the port and storage and its two subsidiaries. In his daily work, he made great efforts to improve his own quality, strengthen the company's system management and system construction, so as to manage people by system and act according to the system. In the past year, he has taken the lead in revising and improving a number of rules and regulations, such as vehicle use management measures, bidding management system, sporadic project management system, etc., to implement the requirements of higher management departments in the company, Make the enterprise political and personnel harmonious, ensure the normal and stable production and operation of the company. In recent years, the company's production safety has been affected by the company's remote location and high production safety. In order to relieve the pressure of employment, Wang Jian made great efforts to study and contact with universities and colleges that meet the company's professional talents. He went to colleges and universities in Sichuan, Anhui and Jiangxi for the first time to meet the recruitment work. In the past year, he participated in 6 special campus propaganda recruitment fairs and 4 local social meetings, recruiting 35 employees for the company, and actively offered suggestions and suggestions to improve the working environment Good accommodation and other aspects to start with, so that the staff feel at home, stable staff team. Since 2014, he has always maintained a strong sense of responsibility for his work. In order not to affect his daily work, he always uses his business hours to work overtime. He has not affected his own work because of the party building affairs. In the past year, he has led the Party branch members to visit the local clean education base and other party building activities, and successfully completed all the work of the Party branch.

Be kind to others and care about employees

Employees should be well-known and well-known, and they should always have a good attitude towards the employees and have a good attitude towards them. In the first half of this year, a front-line employee was punished for violation of regulations in the company's safety inspection. He was in a low mood. He immediately sent a wechat to Comrade Wang Jian to "complain" and put forward the idea of leaving. Comrade Wang Jian had a heart to heart talk with him. Through patient and meticulous counseling and "pointing out the maze", the employee finally realized his own problems, alleviated his negative emotions and actively invested Into the work.

Be strict with yourself and fulfill your duties

Although the position of office director is not high, the affairs are complicated. Because the company's business is foreign-related, it has to negotiate with the customs, border defense, maritime and other national government departments every day, and arrange the meeting arrangement, official reception, bus management and other key work matters internally. If there is any "slip", the image of the company and the branch will be affected. Comrade Wang Jian adheres to the principle of party spirit, is strict with himself, always adheres to the first pass, and shows a strong sense of dedication and responsibility. Under the guidance of the chemical headquarters, he is mainly responsible for finding out and sorting out the deficiencies and gaps in the construction of party conduct and clean government, studying and formulating measures and methods, continuously strengthening management, improving relevant systems and approval processes The management of funds is becoming more and more standardized, which is inseparable from his hard work.

As a grass-roots party worker, Comrade Wang Jian, in his ordinary post, is an excellent party worker who can stand the test with his patience and meticulous work style, persistent dedication, full of enthusiasm for party work, and with the excellent quality of fairness and decency.