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Release date: July 8, 2019

Advanced grass roots party organization the first party branch of products and chemical industry

The first party branch of the company is composed of Zhang Biao, Secretary of the Party committee of the company, Party members of the grain and chemical department, the first plastic department and the second plastic department. There are 21 formal party members and 2 probationary party members. There is one branch secretary, one organization member, one propaganda member, one discipline inspection member and one united front member. The first party branch, under the leadership of the Party committee of the chemical company and under the leadership of branch secretary Gu Wei, closely around the company's development strategy, gives full play to the role of the Party branch as a fighting fortress, combines with the actual work, strengthens the team through joint learning and linkage, focuses on implementation, learns from each other, promotes progress, innovates and creates the future. We have conscientiously fulfilled the responsibility of Party building and the construction of party conduct and clean government, actively explored the construction of branch characteristics, constantly consolidated the foundation and created characteristics, and formed a party branch characterized by "learning to help innovation".

Strengthen the construction of organizations and give full play to the role of grassroots party organizations as fighting fortress

In the process of "two learning and one doing" activities, one branch focuses on standardizing organizational construction. Through democratic election, Comrade Gu Wei, who is supported by the masses, sincere, loyal and enthusiastic about party affairs, was elected as the Secretary of the Party branch. He was also equipped with excellent organization members, propaganda members, discipline inspection members and United Front members. The new Party branch team conscientiously fulfilled the party building responsibility. It not only completed the work deployment of the higher Party committee according to the requirements, but also mobilized party members to carry out innovative activities and organize them in accordance with local conditions The role can be effectively played. We have conscientiously implemented the "three meetings and one lesson", adhered to the monthly organization life day and the annual democratic life meeting, actively participated in various theme activities organized by the chemical Party committee, and made use of the excellent working mechanism formed in the historical practice of our party and the fine tradition of various business departments to ensure the normal operation of the basic level Party branch, and formed the unity and cooperation of Party members of a branch to create business and friendship A good atmosphere of helping the Communist Party and promoting progress.

A branch of the party will be "three sessions and one lesson" requirements throughout the year's party building work. We should stress "the foundation is learning" and insist on strengthening learning education. In order to create a strong cultural atmosphere, one branch has set up a mobile book corner. In line with the principles of co construction, sharing and co governance, it calls on everyone to share books and share the joy of reading. Zhang Biao, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board, was invited to give a passionate and thought-provoking party lesson with the theme of "mission and responsibility".

Create the characteristics of the Party branch and promote the joint construction with Zhoushan LIANGHAI grain and oil Party branch

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we should firmly grasp the theme of great unity and great unity, adhere to the unity of consistency and diversity, find the greatest common divisor and draw the largest concentric circle. In order to earnestly implement the general requirements of Party building in the new era, explore the construction of a long-term mechanism to maintain the advanced nature of Party members, realize "party building guidance, business mutual assistance, and complementary advantages", guide Party members to keep their original intention and keep their mission in mind. The first party branch of Zhejiang products and chemical industry and Zhoushan LIANGHAI grain and oil Party branch jointly established. We should build an effective mechanism of mutual help, mutual learning and mutual assistance, realize two-way interaction, resource sharing and complementary advantages, consolidate and deepen the comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship, and further implement the branch characteristics of "learning to help innovation" of the first party branch of the products and chemical industry. Gu Wei, Secretary of the first party branch of Zhejiang products and chemical industry, and Wu Jianhua, Secretary of the Party branch of Zhoushan LIANGHAI grain and Oil Co., Ltd., signed a joint construction agreement and gave each other books. Comrade Zhang Biao, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Zhejiang products and Chemical Group Co., Ltd., and Ji Huijun, chairman of Zhoushan LIANGHAI grain and Oil Co., Ltd., affirmed and strongly supported the joint construction activities of the branch.

Pay attention to the head goose effect and promote the business development of the Department

Action is the best language, implementation is the best loyalty. At the end of 2010, the commodity trade began to weaken, and the prices of chemical products and agricultural products were in a double hot situation. On the basis of fully understanding the national policies and analyzing the market changes, Gu Wei, Secretary of the branch, led the party members and business backbones of the Department to go deep into the northeast of the corn producing area to carry out research, and lived in the grain depot far away from the noise of the city for several months. He practiced basic skills in grain collection, quality inspection, drying, storage, supervision, market research and judgment. In half a year, he became an expert in the corn industry from an outsider in the corn industry, giving full play to the exemplary role of Party members. In the first campaign, 15000 tons of corn were purchased and sold from Northeast China, which realized a profit of 3 million yuan, which started the first shot of chemical products entering the corn industry, and led the Ministry of grain and chemical industry to successfully enter the corn industry. In 2013, under the excellent work of secretary Gu Wei, the Ministry of grain and chemical industry cooperated with Tieling Wanghe Grain Trading Co., Ltd. to establish Wanghe project team, which made corn business go deep into the drying tower link in the northeast hinterland, and the physical quantity gradually increased to nearly one million tons, and laid the foundation for the innovation and breakthrough of corn industry supply chain in the later period. From the corn supply chain of the Ministry of grain and chemical industry to the soybean meal supply chain, Comrade Gu Wei took the lead in developing the soybean meal trade business of the Ministry of grain and chemical industry, and then to today's soybean meal LIANGHAI supply chain project, which is a good example for sorting out the Department's business development spirit. With the working style of "safe, simple and efficient", the Ministry of grain and chemical industry has realized the safe development of the corn industry supply chain. There has been no risk accident in the past three years. Relying on the strong support of various departments of the company, the Ministry of grain and chemical industry has gradually made the supply chain of corn industry bigger and stronger, and made the supply chain of corn industry of Ministry of grain and chemical industry a banner of supply chain service of products and chemicals. The reason why the corn supply chain project can form today's scale is inseparable from the silent garrison of Party members of the Ministry of grain and chemical industry and their conscientiousness in their own posts. The advanced nature and consciousness of Party members are embodied all the time.

The center of the fortress and give full play to its role in fighting

While the supply chain of corn industry is advancing steadily, the Ministry of grain and chemical industry will focus on the upstream planting end of corn, carry out corn planting business, respond to the call of the state, serve "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", help Rural Revitalization Strategy, give full play to the role of fighting fortress, and take advantage of the advantages of chemical products in the corn industry to solve the key problems of the whole corn industry chain from top to bottom. In 2018, the Ministry of grain and chemical industry successfully cooperated with Zhoushan LIANGHAI grain and Oil Co., Ltd., which successfully won the reputation of Zhejiang products in China's oil and fat industry. The Ministry of grain and chemical industry expanded the supply chain integrated services to the soybean industry, and started a new journey. The Ministry of grain and chemical industry has made further progress. Under the leadership of Zhongda Group, it has innovated and implemented the "rain dew plan" of corn order planting, insurance and futures. The project has been publicized by Che Jun, Secretary of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, Bayin Chaolu, Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, Feng Fei, executive vice governor of Zhejiang Province. The scale of corn supply chain has been listed in the top three of China. Zhoushan soybean crushing supply chain project has been developed The physical quantity of the Ministry of chemical industry has exceeded 4 million tons and the profit has exceeded 50 million yuan. In 2019, the "rain dew plan" of corn order planting + insurance + futures has become an excellent typical case of provincial counterpart.

With a new journey and a new start, the first party branch of the products and chemical industry will keep its true colors, strive to be ahead of the times and be innovative. At present, the first branch is striding forward to the goal of "taking the lead and promoting high-quality growth". It focuses on the party members of the Ministry of grain and chemical industry, the first Department of plastics and the second Department of plastics. Based on their own duties, they are determined to study hard and constantly innovate, and strive to integrate into the new era and achieve new achievements. We should speed up the integration of market, industry and technology, and encourage party members and comrades to actively participate in various business fields, carry on the past and open a new journey of high-quality development of a branch.

Excellent Party member: Wang Xin

Wang Xin, who graduated from Zhejiang University in July 2009, joined the product and chemical company. Since joining the company, he has been working on the front line of overseas projects for a long time. From salesman to department head, he has explained the responsibilities and responsibilities of a product chemist and an excellent Communist Party member.

Standing on the front line and taking root

After entering the company, Wang Xin worked in the polyester department, engaged in polyester fiber sales, and immediately dispatched to the company's southern petrochemical project. When he started to do business, he kept running the market, learning product knowledge, industry knowledge, and communicating with peers. Through one year's efforts, the sales volume has broken through from 30 tons in the first month to 1000 tons / month, basically equal to the old salesman. In 2013, Wang Xin began to work as assistant manager of Sales Department of Sinopec Nanfang, assisting leaders in maintaining important customers, developing new products, engaging in after-sales service, drafting sales system documents, etc. At this stage, the sales work has a more comprehensive understanding. At the beginning of 2015, he was the sales manager and foreign trade manager of Nanfang Petrochemical Company, and began to be responsible for the production, pricing and sales of 200000 tons polyester filament and 20 texturing machines in the first phase. Lead the business team to actively explore the market and carry out marketing work in a planned way. At the same time, responsible for foreign trade price setting, receiving orders and other related work. These work has trained their own market research and judgment ability, but also has a deeper understanding of marketing work.

Forge ahead and shoulder the heavy responsibility bravely

In October 2016, Wang Xin returned to the polyester department and was responsible for the preliminary work of Huaxiang high fiber project, including the communication of details of cooperation with Huaxiang high fiber and the drafting of cooperation agreement. A month later, Wang Xin embarked on the overseas journey again - to Huzhou Huaxiang high-speed fiber. Some preparatory work before the cooperation, including the design of on-site process, the design of documents, the adjustment of Huaxiang ERP system, the establishment of project personnel, the leasing and layout of warehouses, etc. In December 2016, Huaxiang high fiber project was officially launched. As executive deputy general manager, Wang Xin is responsible for the management and operation of the whole project, including raw material procurement, product sales, project settlement, etc. After the start of the project, the load of polymerization workshop will be turned on from 70% to 100% on December 10; two spinning lines will be opened in December, one will be opened in January 2017, and the last one will be opened in March. Since then, it has been operating at full capacity, and the project benefits have been well developed. While doing a good job in stable and efficient operation of the project, Wang Xin introduced external teams to continuously optimize warehouse management and reduce transportation costs. Wang Xin also energetically introduced new suppliers of main auxiliary materials coal water slurry, and according to the characteristics of the industry, the settlement method of coal water slurry was changed from goods arrival, Bill arrival and contract arrival, and product payment was made within 7 working days. Due to the good reputation of the products in the industry and good payment terms, combined with the stable use of coal water slurry in Huaxiang high fiber project, new suppliers are willing to greatly reduce the price and obtain stable orders. The stability of supply quantity enables the new supplier to plan the route of land and water transportation effectively, thus reducing his logistics cost and finally achieving a win-win situation. Finally, after one year of Huaxiang high-speed fiber operation, Wang Xin was highly recognized by the partners and achieved good economic benefits for the company.

Don't forget your original intention and start the journey again

In January 2018, the company established the supply chain development department, which is the first department named after the business model. It is difficult to start a new business in the Department. After the establishment of the Department, Wang Xin led the team to actively look for projects. Despite the difficulties and challenges, Wang Xin did not give up and led the team to constantly summarize and explore. In October 2018, with the care of the company's leaders, with the help of the polyester department and various functional departments, the Jiabao chemical project was launched. At this time, in order to make the project run smoothly as soon as possible, Wang Xin led all members of the team to the front line of the Jiabao chemical project, actively worked hard to do everything, and finally made the operation of the project stable. After the start-up of Jiabao chemical industry, it has given the partners great confidence, continued investment in equipment transformation, and greatly improved the production capacity. Originally, there were only some processing orders for Jiabao soap granules, and no direct sales were carried out. After the cooperation, Shijiazhuang soap granule market was opened. Meanwhile, the purchase of raw oil and grease has been successfully transferred from domestic procurement to foreign procurement, which makes full use of the advantages of product chemicals in issuing L / C, which effectively reduces the procurement cost. Since the cooperation of the two sides for nine months, the average output of soap granules has reached 5300 tons / month, with a year-on-year increase of 70%; the average output of finished soap is 254000 boxes / month, with a year-on-year increase of 30%; and the average monthly sales volume reaches 27 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 77%. The project team members also actively explore new sales channels from intermediate product sales to final product marketing, and the finished soap sales have achieved little success. Wang Xin firmly believes that with the joint efforts of the staff of both sides, their respective advantages will be brought into full play and the profitability of Jiabao chemical will be further improved.

Excellent Party member: Gu Yefei

In 2010, Gu Yefei entered the product chemical industry after graduation. Nine years passed by in a flash, from the ignorant young man when he first entered the company to the uncle born in his late 40s and 80s. He has been on the road both in work and in life.

Thoughts on the way

The party members should take part in the activities of "one party member and one party member's self-awareness" and actively participate in the party's ideological and political activities. Through learning powerful app, we can learn the spirit of the Party Central Committee every day, learn the advanced deeds of various model figures, and understand domestic and international current events. "Strengthening theoretical study will still be a major part of our work and life in the future. We should constantly strengthen our study and improve our political theoretical quality to meet the needs of social development," Gu Yefei often said.

Learning is on the way

Gu Yefei has been doing logistics work. He thinks that to do a good job in logistics, we should not only study and study based on our own work content, but also learn from others, their working methods and logistics resources, so as to better serve the logistics work. He said so and did so. After work, Gu Yefei actively participated in the course training organized by CUHK Management College and various general training organized by the company. He learned knowledge and experience in legal affairs, finance and risk control, laying a solid foundation for logistics risk control of supply chain projects.

Work on the road

In 2011, Gu Yefei, who had just been in the company for only one year, was dispatched to Shaoxing South factory and Jinhua film factory until 2014. From the enterprise logistics work to the factory logistics work, nearly three years of expatriate career, there are achievements and setbacks, heartache and harvest, this precious experience makes him in the supply chain project logistics work ability has a substantial improvement. After the end of his assignment in 2014, Gu Yefei returned to the headquarters to connect with the logistics work of the two plastic departments and the irregular logistics inspection and carding of the supply chain projects such as Shaoxing Nanfang, Jinyuan Keren, Haifu polyester fiber and Fujian xindonghua. He also actively responded to the Department's arrangement and was responsible for the logistics sorting work in the early stage of Youkang and Huaxiang new projects, including the logistics research in the early stage and after the implementation of the project The design of logistics process, the introduction of logistics suppliers, the introduction of third-party regulatory companies, insurance insurance companies, etc., while using the experience of overseas to practice, while continuous innovation and change, until the stable development of project logistics.

      In 2017, the company's strategic focus shifted to supply chain projects, including Shandong Haoke project, Zhoushan soybean project, Lanxi Jiabao project, Shandong aogorui project, Hubei Boyuan gas project and Xiaoshan Xiangsheng project. Gu Yefei followed the company's steps and provided logistics support, from the preliminary research work to the logistics scheme design and logistics process implementation after the project started, and then to the supply chain project The stable implementation of logistics links in the chain project. In particular, Gu Yefei was also the first contact with the tire product in Shandong Haoke tire project. In terms of the urgency and risk control of the project, he always required logistics to face problems and solve problems. Finally, he stayed in the Haoke project for 4 months, during which he worked for nearly 2 months without a day off Go out early and return late.

Now, Gu Yefei's main work is to inspect and guide the logistics of all the company's supply chain projects and subsidiaries, provide logistics support for the projects to be completed, and conduct logistics research on the new projects developed by the business department, so as to escort the logistics safety of the company's supply chain projects.

Living on the road

Gu Yefei's home is in Zhoushan. Since he worked, he has started the mode of "two cities". As a weekend husband and a weekend father, he always feels that he owes a lot to his family. From the first assignment to the present, he has been following the development of the company's projects. Every holiday, he always rushes home at the first time. After doing his work well, he returns to the warmest harbor in time. He also thanks his wife and daughter for their understanding and support.

Whether it's work, study or life, Gu Yefei has been on the road, on the road of hard work, on the road of harvest and return, on the road of yearning for a happy family. As a pioneer in the development of chemical industry, ye will play an important role in the development of chemical industry.

Outstanding Party member: Lu Weihui

Lu Weihui joined the chemical industry in 2017 and is currently engaged in data analysis and strategy research in the rubber Department. In the ordinary post, she is hardworking and enterprising. She always demands herself to be an excellent Party member. She scrupulously performs her duties, sets an example and interprets the advanced nature of the Communist Party members with her words and deeds.

Strengthen study and firm faith

The Party branch should take the initiative to take part in political education and actively participate in political training. Adhering to the study of the party's line, principles, policies, firm ideals and beliefs, firm and correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, and constantly strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, we have always maintained the excellent quality and advanced nature of Party members. In addition to organizational learning, Lu Weihui can strengthen the study of business-related skills in her work. She takes the initiative to learn financial, legal and other knowledge to enrich herself, improve her professional quality, improve her ability to grasp business work, enhance the ability to handle problems and coordinate the completion of work tasks, so that her work can adapt to the requirements of the development of the times.

Bear hardships and stand hard work and fulfill their duties

Ren Weihui is working hard. One of her responsibilities in the rubber Department is the feasibility analysis of the tire supply chain project and the initial support of the project. Before the start of the project, she has to calculate the benefits of the project, and needs to calculate the future cash flow according to the historical cost, expenses, operating income and other information of the factory. The benefit calculation has an important reference function for whether the project is worth carrying out. Because the financial management of the factory is not perfect, the validity of some data provided by it needs to be verified repeatedly. Generally, for a project investigation and the journey is only 3-4 days, time is tight and the task is heavy. Lu Weihui often exchanges information with relevant personnel in the factory during the day, and returns to the hotel to work overtime for data processing. The benefit table she calculated is in line with the actual project There is little difference in operation efficiency.

At present, the chemical industry has two tire supply chain projects. In the early stage of the project, Lu Weihui will go to the factory to provide support. At the beginning of the project, the workload is very heavy, the product specifications are sorted out, the information system is connected with the manual account, the inventory and value evaluation of the initial inventory, etc. Especially the Hawke project, because it is the company's first tire supply chain project, has no experience to refer to, and needs to make up the knowledge of various tires. As soon as there is a gap, she goes to the factory staff to learn and share with you. She is a girl in the project team. She goes out early and comes back late every day. There are no weekends and holidays. The high-intensity work pressure does not make her quit. She works with other colleagues for more than a month.

Set an example and unite colleagues

Mr. Lu Weixin is a good colleague from the office. When colleagues make mistakes in their work and are frustrated, she can always find out in time and take the trouble to enlighten them; when colleagues do not understand the business, she can always earnestly guide them and take the trouble to explain them until the other party understands them. No matter in work or in life, as long as anyone has any difficulties and needs help, the comrade will not hesitate to help as much as possible. The comrade's performance was unanimously recognized by his colleagues.

In his ordinary work, comrade Lu Weili has always been conscientious, willing to contribute, fulfill his duties and fulfill his duties, giving full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members and cadres, and showing the style of Party members in the new era.

Outstanding Party member: Liu Junhao

Liu Junhao, male, native place: Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, was born in November 1990. He joined the Communist Party of China in 2011. He was a student union cadre at school. Now he is a salesman in the grain and Chemical Department of Zhejiang products Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Just two months after joining the work, he was dispatched to Wanghe project. During the four years of his assignment, he did his duty conscientiously and worked hard to accomplish the tasks assigned by the company.

Work hard and take root in the front line

Comrade Lei Feng once said that "a Communist is a brick, where you need to move it", the Communist Party member should be like a nail, and the organization must never rust and shine when you are assigned to any post. In the granary far from the hustle and bustle of the city, he ate and lived with the workers. In the face of the unfamiliar environment, he learned from the basic links of grain collection, quality inspection, drying, warehousing, logistics, and so on. In less than a year, he became a "corn expert" on his own. He was sincere and warm-hearted, and soon got into touch with local workers and colleagues. When the project encountered problems, he took the lead in solving them. Once, the roof of the warehouse where the corn was stored was torn by the raging wind. Liu Junhao and the workers climbed up a 10 meter high grain pile and sealed the leak with tarpaulin, which protected the safety of the corn in the warehouse.

In 2016, driven by the agricultural supply side reform, the state cancelled the eight-year temporary collection and storage policy, and adjusted it to "market-oriented acquisition + subsidy". Without the support of national policies, the corn trade has entered a downward cycle, and the intermediate profit has been continuously compressed. The Wanghe project team withstood the market pressure and resolutely implemented the trading strategy. Due to the rapid changes in the market, the project team often worked overtime to discuss the coping strategies and procurement and marketing plans. After steady operation, it finally got through the most difficult period.

Seeking win-win situation and promoting transformation

In 2018, in order to implement the "stable, strong and long-term" policy proposed by Chairman Zhang Biao in the survey meeting of the Ministry of grain and chemical industry, and manager Gu Wei, the person in charge of the Department, proposed the six character policy of "safety, simplicity and efficiency". Wanghe project transformed into a container corn supply chain. The project team, with the support of various departments, according to the actual situation of Wanghe, combined with the operation experience of the Department's corn supply chain, proposed a feasible transformation plan, grasped the core risk points, and realized the smooth transition of Wanghe project. After the transformation, Wanghe project achieved a profit of nearly 8 million yuan.

Deep study of industry chain

In 2019, the corn policy side is at the end of corn de stocking, and the corn trade volume is shrinking. In addition, the demand side is affected by African swine fever and environmental protection, and the sales are weak, so it is urgent to expand downstream channels. Corn deep processing industry consumes nearly 70 million tons of corn every year, accounting for one third of corn consumption. Starch is the product with the highest proportion of corn consumption in the deep processing industry. According to the needs of departments, Liu Junhao visited Shandong, Heilongjiang and other places to investigate starch factories. With the support of various departments of the company, he finally opened up the sales situation and formed a full coverage of breeding, feed, processing and sales, It laid a foundation for the extension of corn industry chain.

We should firmly grasp the unity and unity of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Party organizations at all levels should conscientiously implement the general requirements of Party building in the new era, explore the construction of a long-term mechanism to maintain the advanced nature of Party members, realize "party building guidance, business mutual assistance, and complementary advantages", and guide Party members to keep their original intention and keep their mission in mind. The Party committee and the Chemical Industry Department of the party should adhere to the requirements of the Party committee and the Chemical Industry Department of the Central Committee in an efficient way.

As everything should be done down-to-earth, do not indulge in fantasy, not focus on empty voice, and only with a realistic attitude to do down-to-earth work. If you study with this attitude, the truth will be clear, and if you do things with this attitude, you will have great achievements. " This is the motto of Comrade Li Dazhao and the code of practice of the Ministry of grain and chemical industry. As a member of the Communist Party, Liu Junhao has a high sense of responsibility and goal in ideology. He is strict with himself at all times according to the standards of Party members. He plays a vanguard and exemplary role in the study of political theory, devotion to work and compliance with discipline and law. Through the study of "two studies and one practice", combined with practical work, he made great efforts to improve his theoretical level, insisted on stressing politics, justice, self-cultivation, morality and integrity, strictly required himself according to the standards of Party members, and always continued to be advanced in thought and action.