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The mission is shoulder to shoulder and the heart is like a pan -- the Education Conference on the theme of "never forget your mind and remember your mission".
Release date: 2019-06-19

In accordance with the spirit and work plan of the Education Conference on the theme of "not forget the original mind and remember the mission" of the Party committee of the Zhongda Group, on the morning of June 19th, the product and chemical industry held a conference on the theme of "never forget the original mind and remember the mission", and comprehensively mobilized the theme education of the company. Gao Zhifan, a member of the group's second circuit steering group, and Zhou Haibo, the liaison officer, attended the meeting. The party secretary and Chairman Zhang Biao made a speech on mobilization. The leading members of the company, the responsible persons of various departments, the branch secretaries, the branch committees, all the party members and relevant members of the units participated. The meeting was chaired by Zhen Lun, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of discipline inspection and chairman of the trade union.

In the mobilization speech, Zhang Biao, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the company, pointed out that carrying out the theme education of "never forget the original mind and remember the mission" is a major deployment made by the Central Committee of the CPC at the core of Comrade Xi Jinping. All the members of the Party members must thoroughly study and understand the work of the Communist Party of China, and implement the deployment requirements of the Party committee of the group company to the whole process of thematic education. Around the theme education, he pointed out: first, we need to improve our standing and deeply understand the importance of carrying out the theme education of "never forget our original mind and remember our mission". All leading cadres and Party members should fully understand and accurately grasp the great significance of thematic education and constantly enhance their sense of responsibility and mission in developing thematic education. Two, we must focus on the key points and ensure that the theme education that does not forget our minds and keeps our mission in mind is effective. We must closely grasp the general requirements and master the general requirements of twelve words, namely, "guarding the heart, carrying out missions, finding gaps and grasping the implementation". We should also grasp the goals and objectives of theoretical learning, ideological and political baptism, doing pioneering work and doing business, solving problems for the people, honest and honest, and the "six new goals" of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee. We must adhere to the "four adherence": persist in the whole process of learning and education, persist in the investigation and research throughout the whole process, persist in the inspection process throughout the whole process, and persist in implementing the rectification and implementation throughout the whole process. Three, we should carefully organize and ensure that the theme of "never forget the mind and remember the mission" is carried out in a high quality way. The Party committee of the company should take this thematic education as a major political task. In accordance with the group's work arrangements for carrying out the implementation plan of the theme of "never forget the original mind and keep in mind the mission", we should achieve "four intensification": strengthening the implementation of responsibilities, strengthening supervision and guidance, strengthening publicity and guidance, and strengthening coordination and coordination. Finally, Secretary Zhang asked all the participants to follow the general requirements of the general theme of the theme education, strengthen confidence, tackle tough problems, and strive to create "chemical supply chain navigators and chemical pharmaceutical market segments leader", and truly become "the party building strong, good efficiency" state-owned enterprise leader, with excellent results to celebrate the founding of new China 70th anniversary.

      Members of the group's second circuit steering group, deputy secretary of the property renting Party committee, discipline committee secretary and trade union chairman Gao Zhi fan fully affirmed the preparatory work for the Party committee's thematic education in the guiding speech, and on behalf of the group second circuit steering group, put forward three opinions on the company's thematic education: first, we must grasp the objectives, tasks and general requirements, and make sure to implement the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era. The main line of socialism with Chinese characteristics is implemented in the whole process of theme education. Two, we must grasp the problem orientation and implement political consciousness, ideological self-consciousness and action consciousness, so as to ensure the transformation of thematic educational achievements into the actual effect of the high quality development of enterprises. Three, we must grasp the organizational leadership and make sure that we carry out the responsibility and take a good style of work to ensure that the theme education achieves good results.

      Keeping the good heart and the mission on the shoulders, carrying the mission ahead of the dream, all the party members and staff of the products and chemical industry will take the general requirements of the theme education as the "Outline". In the re baptism of the mind, the awakening of the heart, the further distillation of the mission and the further quenching of loyalty, we will continue to promote the theme education in depth and achieve substantial results, so as to provide a strong political guarantee for the quality development of the new Time Inc. Card.