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Stress discipline, keep the bottom line and know awe
Issue date: June 15, 2019

According to the work arrangement of the company's in-depth carrying out warning education activities, the company has solidly promoted the company's comprehensive development from strict party management to in-depth development, guided the broad masses of Party members to build a strong ideological line of defense against corruption and degeneration, and gave full play to the fighting fortress role of the company's grass-roots party organizations and the vanguard exemplary role of Party members. Members of the leading group of the company, responsible persons of all departments, secretaries and members of the party branches, backbone of party affairs and relevant personnel of member units attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Shi Zhenlun, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union.

      In recent years, all the leaders of the meeting were warned by the corruption case, which made all the leaders of the meeting wake up to the truth It is necessary to be strict with one's own character and one's self-discipline.

After watching the film, Secretary Shi Zhenlun gave a special party lesson on integrity education entitled "loyal performance of duty, creating a new situation of comprehensive and strict governance of the party". Secretary Shi reported two corruption cases around him, and deeply analyzed the negative impact of the cases and the profound lessons that should be learned, so as to warn people around with the education of things around him. Secretary Shi put forward three opinions according to the company's practice of building a clean and Honest Party style and anti-corruption work: first, keep a clear mind at all times, and recognize the key and importance of doing a good job in building a clean and Honest Party style and anti-corruption work. It is necessary to deepen the understanding of the ancient people's self-discipline and to learn deeply from the party's strict self-discipline. Second, we should clearly understand what lessons should be learned from today's education. We should not lose our ideals and beliefs; we should not give up the sense of rules; we should make clear how to use power; we should remember how to model and lead. Third, we should strictly implement the main responsibility. The Party branch secretaries and responsible persons of all departments should clarify their work responsibilities and conscientiously perform the main responsibility of anti-corruption. The members of the branch and other middle-level backbone should adhere to the "two responsibilities of one post" and do a good job of anti-corruption and building a clean and honest government in combination with the actual work; we should improve our ideological understanding and build a strong ideological line of defense; we should earnestly carry out the work of building a clean and honest government in the company

At last, Secretary Shi stressed that we should take the case as a reference and always think about the harm of greed; we should be content with our duties and often abandon the idea of irrelevance; we should be in awe and always have a heart of self-discipline; we should be careful and always remember the regrets of mistakes. Never forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, unswervingly push the comprehensive and strict management of the party into depth, and provide a strong disciplinary guarantee for the realization of high-quality development of the company.

Through the study, the participants said that they would take the case as a reference, always remember to stick to the red line of discipline, do their own work well, keep the bottom line of integrity, and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of all undertakings of the company.

After the warning education conference, the party and Mass Work Department of the company reported the problems existing in the assessment of the responsibility system of Party building and party conduct and clean government construction in 2018, deployed the specific work of the company's warning education activities and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, and carried out special party work training for party workers in combination with the standardization construction of Party branches.