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Talking about discipline, keeping the bottom line and understanding awe -- convening the warning education conference and the party work training meeting
Release date: 2019-06-15

According to the company's work arrangements for conducting in-depth warning education activities, we will push forward the comprehensive and strict administration of the party to develop in depth, and guide the party members to build up a strong ideological line of defense against corruption and change, giving full play to the role of fighting bastion and the exemplary vanguard role of Party members in the grass-roots party organizations. In the morning of June 14th, the product and chemical industry held a training conference on warning education and party work. The leading members of the company, the responsible persons of various departments, the secretaries, the members of the branches, the backbone of the party affairs and the relevant personnel of the member units are present. The meeting was chaired by Zhen Lun, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of discipline inspection and chairman of the trade union.

      At the meeting, all the participants saw the warning educational film, which is based on the case as a warning and alarm bell. Through the vivid display of the leading cadres' violation of discipline and law in our province in recent years, the true story of the decadence of many leading Party members and the severely punished by the law has a strong vigilance effect, so that all the participants receive a baptism of mind and soul. To be strict with the right to use, strict with self-cultivation, strict self-discipline.

After the end of the film, Zhen Lun, Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), made a special course on clean education for the new situation of "faithfully performing duties and creating a new and strict administration of the party". The Secretary briefed two cases of corruption that happened around him, and analyzed the negative effects brought by the cases and the profound lessons that should be drawn. In combination with the practice of building a clean and honest government and anti-corruption work, the secretary put forward three opinions: first, keep the mind clear and confused, and recognize the key and importance of doing a good job of building a clean and honest government and anti-corruption work. We must profoundly understand the new requirements of comprehensively and strictly administering the party, draw lessons from some corruption cases profoundly, and deeply appreciate the painstaking efforts to learn the integrity and self-discipline of the ancients. Two, we must draw lessons from it and make clear what problems we should understand in warning education today. We must not lose our ideals and beliefs; we must not grasp the rules of conscience; we must understand how to use power; we must bear in mind how to demonstrate and guide them. Three, we must strictly implement the responsibility of the main body, and the responsibilities of the branch secretaries and departments should clarify their duties and conscientiously carry out the main responsibility of combating corruption and advocating honesty and integrity. The branch members and other middle level cadres should also adhere to the "one job and two responsibilities", combine the work practice, do a good job of combating corruption and build a clean government, enhance ideological understanding and build a strong ideological line of defense, and conscientiously do a good job in the implementation of the party's work style and clean government.

The Secretary stressed at last that we should take the case as a guide, often think about the harm of greed; to be content with our duties, often abandon unjust thoughts; we should be in awe of our hearts and always be self disciplined; we should be cautious and careful, and often remember the regrets of mistakes. We must not forget our hearts and bear in mind our mission. We must firmly push the party strictly and strictly, and provide a strong disciplinary guarantee for the realization of the company's high quality development.

Through study, the participants said they would take the case as a mirror, and always remember to stick to the red line of discipline in their future work and life, do their job well, keep the bottom line of honesty, and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of various businesses.

After the warning education conference, the party and Group Work Department of the company reported the problems existing in the branches of Party building and party conduct and clean government construction in 2018, and deployed the company's warning education activities and specific work of the 70th anniversary series of activities of the founding of the people's Republic of China.