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  • Two thousand and five
  • Two thousand and seven
  • Two thousand and nine
  • Two thousand and eleven
  • Two thousand and thirteen
  • Two thousand and seventeen
  • Two thousand and eighteen
  • Two thousand and nineteen
  • The chemical industry is set up to carry out trade in raw materials such as polyester and plastics.
  • Acquisition of Zhejiang Hongyuan pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd.
  • Established PCCW (Hongkong) Limited.
  • Zhejiang chemical products group Ningbo Co., Ltd.
  • The acquisition of Zhejiang chemical products and storage Co., Ltd., the establishment of Zhejiang products Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd., Intime International (Singapore) Limited.
  • Hangzhou Hongcheng Cci Capital Ltd was established.
  • The "four chain fusion" mode of supply chain is put forward, which has been effectively replicated in many fields such as polyester, rubber, agricultural products and so on. The acquisition of Jiangsu Cobain Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the establishment of Zhejiang products warp knitting supply chain Co., Ltd.
  • Established Shandong pilot tyre limited company, product and chemical industry (Zhejiang Free Trade Zone) Co., Ltd.